Latest On Page SEO Checklist for 2017

The Updated and advanced On Page SEO Checklist in 2017 Will help and boost your website presence,visibility,ranking,and conversion on major search engines such as Google,Bing..etc On page SEO is the one of the major focus in Search Engine optimization and also it is very key concepts of to optimize the websites as best one for major search engines.

Latest On Page SEO Checklist for 2017

No.of On Page SEO Checklist Points For 2017

1 Use the SSL – HTTPS Instead of HTTP
2 Title Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
3 Check Site is Stored in Cache?
4 keyword density & Keyword in Body
5 Check all Images are Optimized?
6 Competitors Site Search & backlinks
7 Check keywords are used in – URL’s of inner pages
8 Check URL Structure / URL re-writing
9 Give Internal Links/Anchor Text to the keywords
10 Page Load Speed Under 2 Seconds
11 Check 301 redirection
12 Validate HTML and CSS
13 Check 302 redirection
14 Check 404 redirection
15 Create Google analytics account
16 Generate Google analytics Tracking code
17 Create Google webmaster account
18 Verify your website to Google & Bing webmasters
19 Generate Robots.txt & upload on Site
20 Submit Robots.txt to webmasters
21 Create & Upload the XML & HTML Sitemap on Server / on site
22 For WordPress – Use Yoast / All in SEO Plugin
23 Check it on different browser or Browser compatibility
24 Proper Use of H Tags Including H1
25 Create Social Networking pages & Profiles
26 Check W3C Validity
27 underscores in the url
28 Check Mobile rendering
29 meta viewport tags are present?
30 Check Site is Responsive or Not?
31 Is Your Website User Friendly?
32 watch the User Reviews / Blog Comments
33 Use Limited Reciprocal Links
34 Use Videos Whenever Possible
35 Build the Backlinks from High Quality .edu and .gov Sites
36 No Duplicate Content is allowed
37 Links from Google News Articles
38 Check Domain Age of website
39 Paramalinks/ Internal links working properly?
40 User Generated – Spammy Content on site?
41 Use the Updated Content on Site.
42 Use Favicon icon
43 Use – Structured data
44 og tags for linkedin
45 og tags for google+
46 og tags for twitter
47 og tags for
48 google maps account
49 geo position
50 geo.placename
51 geo.region
52 Copyright
53 Author
54 Language
55 rss feeds
56 Check IP Canonicalization
58 404 page presence

To use this latest 2017’s on page SEO Checklist and make your business website visible and get ranked well as soon as possible.

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