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WordPress SEO Best Practices for 2015
Earlier than we get into search engine optimisation high-quality practices, allow me to mention a couple of things you would need to learn about WordPress seo because the ultimate newbie.

wordpress seo tips

Firstly, seo entails two tactics particularly on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization includes all optimization activities that you do in your web site (or websites). This entails content construction, including keywords and optimizing title and meta tags. Off-page optimization is each different seo activity that entails third party web sites equivalent to weblog commenting, visitor running a blog, listing submissions, hyperlink building and social bookmarking.

Secondly, now we have white and black hat search engine optimization. The former is an search engine optimisation approach that adheres to seo rules founded through Google and other search engines. However, blackhat search engine optimisation entails gaming engines like google, so we can only land you in hot soup. You will have to undertaking to construct a white hat search engine optimisation technique, and never once feel about manipulating search engines like google and yahoo utilizing black hat approaches. In less complicated terms, don’t try other soiled tips that aren’t contained in, say, this imaginitive seo Guidebook via Google.

With that out of the way in which, allow us to move on to seo nice practices you must keep in mind and put in force in 2015 going forward.

Keyword Research:-

Keyword stuffing used to work as an search engine optimization technique within the days long gone, however today Google frowns upon this practice. At the same time, the key phrase as a ranking component is just not lifeless. Google and other SERPs still rely on keyword phrases to rank web pages, meaning your seo strategy will have to be guided by using astute study.

Would you like to rank extremely in Google for the phrase ‘WordPress plugins’? A tool akin to Google AdWords keyword Planner can aid you to determine the competitiveness of your terms as good as derive keyword choices to make use of in your content material. Which you could additionally use Google Analytics to determine the key words men and women are utilizing to find your website. Your WordPress website statistics is one more a supply of key phrase suggestions.

Who’s the King of SEO

Content nonetheless is. Distinct, valuable and critical content that’s. Aside from being the greatest of all search engine optimization ranking indicators, high best content is, fundamental, the lifeblood of your website.

A website without content is, well, no internet site. A website with negative high-quality content material is sort of a blunt knife – it would do the job however you have got to exert extra drive. A internet site with stale content is useless both to SERPs and human visitors. This I have an understanding of firsthand in view that, severally, I went long intervals without posting on my possess blog. The results? Minimize consumer engagement and lost search engine optimization rankings.

Image and Video SEO:-

Before we move on to the next section, I would like to mention a few things about the images and videos you’ll use in your content to reinforce your SEO.

To begin with, adding images and videos to your content is one among SEO best practices that many rarely implement. And that’s just sad because optimized images will bring you great traffic from Google Images and the likes. Videos can garner you traffic, links, mentions and more from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and more.

SEO-Friendly URLs
Also known as Pretty Permalinks in WordPress, SEO-friendly URLs are great for SEO as well as user experience. For instance, which URL is easier to remember:

Of the three, which URL do you think will “excite” search engine

Mobile-Friendly Website

Perhaps a bug bit me because every time I’m on a great website, I always resize my browser to check if the site is responsive. The same bug must have bit someone at Google as well, because if you haven’t noticed, they’ve already introduced mobile friendly labels in search results.

Social Media Signals

The growth of social media in recent years has created a new and profitable channel for SEO. Even without struggling, you can see the great traffic potential of social media. It also gives you the chance to build a community around your brand and/or products.

Beat Your Competition
When you enter your keyword in Google, the first ten (10) websites that appear are your most fierce competitors. To clinch that elusive first position, you must beat them all.

Improve Page Load Speeds
f your website takes a millennium to load, you’re losing prospects left, right and center. Further, you’re flushing SEO points down the drain, and they’re hard to come by.

HTTPS as a Ranking Signal
In the introduction, we mentioned that Google is doing everything to build a better, faster and secure web for everybody. By upgrading their search algorithms, they make the search experience better. With their versatile Knowledge Graph, the search engine has grown faster. And now they would like every webmaster to adopt HTTPS to improve the security of web properties.

Local SEO
Local SEO is just like customary (organic) SEO. The only difference is you have to go a step further with your local SEO campaign. For instance, don’t forget to add your city/state in title tags, headings, content, URL, and alt text. Additionally, don’t forget to claim a Google My Business page for your outfit. It’s free, so don’t wait.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines
As we’ve already established, search engine spiders comb the web looking for content. Then they index the content according to the various SEO ranking signals. Submitting your site to search engines manually improves your chances of getting better ranking faster. Submitting your site manually also reduces your chances of being labelled as spam.

No matter what people say, link building is an important practice in SEO. This is how link building works. You publish high quality content and site A links to you in the process sharing link juice with you. If it’s an authoritative website, Google labels you with a higher link profile and your ranking goes up. If you go ahead and link to site B, you share the link juice as well. If site B is completely out of your niche (spammy) or contains low quality content, you will only tarnish your rankings and probably get a penalty.


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