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Doing “Digital Marketing With Me” is very typical when you don’t know about particular company and person.

For Provide of that solution we make ourselves transparent to you and tell you some detail thing about us so before doing Digital Marketing with us Read About me.

Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

Digital Marketing is very popular in last 2-3 years and because of this everyone want to better their business on offline as well as online.

Everyone wants to become a popular their brand but it doesn’t happen without “Digital Marketing”.

I am Doing Best Practice of this and provide a best result in every category of Business.

I am going to do step by step in terms of “Digital Marketing”. So here Below We explain Step By step Solution for you Business.

1) Understand Your Requirement and Your Targeting Audience.

2) Create Online Platform (If Required)

3) Do Search engine Optimization (SEO)

4) Ranking Your website in various Search Engine for Better Customer Retention.

5) Do Social Media Marketing (SMM)

6) Analytics Of your Customer behaviour

7) Do advertising of various channels (According to your Customer)

8) Run Email Marketing Campaign

9) Conversion Of your user to Customer (By Continuous attacking Online Marketing)

10) Social Media Optimization

I give you a weekly report on How all your Online campaign is perform and what we have to do next.

I care all of your marketing stuff like SMO,SMM, SEO, Email Marketing etc. We just take care of rest and give you a best.

You just have to sit and see the way we are doing this and learn how we do it and if you think that we are not going to doing this in right direction then you can exit whenever you want.

Because customer satisfaction is our First priority.

Here one question Comes in your mind is Why

Digital Marketing Freelancer in Chennai

“Digital Marketing Frank With Me?”

Digital Marketing is one of the best Trend today that people follow and grow their Business. But Main mistake is made when people blindly trust on any “Digital Marketing Company” and lost their Money and most important down Value of their Business!

So Main thing is How you Trust us and Go for “Digital Marketing With Me”?

1) I Give you Sample Of Our Previous work and show you how we going to be better and provide best Services.

2) I Give you a step by Step Strategic Planning of your Campaign and show you how its look when we implemented this.

3) I Charged you when You are satisfied with us and our work.

4) I delivered you a faster result with satisfaction.

5) I Give you a Brand to Your Business and give you a quality Customer.

Now I hope all of your doubt is clear and understand why “Digital Marketing With Me”.

Digital Marketing Services Agency in Chennai

Digital Marketing is very serious methodology when it’s comes for your Business and you have to be very careful when you choose any ‘Digital Marketing Agency‘.

Join with Us for Better Digital Marketing experience and Learn with us.

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How to Became a Digital Marketing Expert?

As consumers spend more time using the internet and less time with other channels – advertisers are also forced to follow this trend. The ads have to be there where the eyeballs are. Unfortunately, digital marketing is not as simple and straight forward as traditional marketing. Digital marketing is best done in-house and cannot be outsourced to a digital marketing agency for various practical reasons. This is the reason that digital marketing experts are sought after all over the world right now and the demand for such candidates will only go up in the future.

If you have a marketing background and want to become a digital marketing expert; you may be wondering which is the best way to go about it. There are several courses on digital marketing which are being offered as workshops, online courses and one-on-one coaching programs.
There are even MBA programs with specialization in digital marketing such as this one: NYU Stern MBA Digital Marketing. There are certification exams such as HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification program and Google Adwords certification. But does attending all these courses and getting all the certificates make you a digital marketing expert? The answer is a big NO. It may help you learn the fundamentals and even some advanced concepts in digital marketing but it does not make you career ready for a position like Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing expertise comes with digital marketing experience.

The best way to become a digital marketing expert is to start practicing digital marketing from today. The best thing about digital marketing is that you can start doing it at a very small scale. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a small amount of money to play with. You can learn digital marketing by applying the concepts in your own mini-project. Here are the things you can do right now:

Applying Digital Marketing on a Small Scale

Choose a topic you are passionate about and start a blog about it. Cost:

Approx $50 per year for domain and hosting.
Learn a little about SEO and write SEO optimized articles in your blog.
Install Google Analytics tracking code and see if you are getting some traffic to your blog. Explore Google Analytics.
Open an Adwords account and do some keyword research to see what people are searching for in Google to find information on the topic you are blogging about.
Write more articles and publish on your blog.
Open a Facebook page dedicated to your blog (apart from your personal page) and share the articles on your Facebook page.
Promote your page with Facebook advertising. Budget for promotion can be as low as $10.
Implement Facebook like box in your blog.
Embed social sharing buttons in your blog articles. You can do this using WordPress plugins and it is free.
Sign up for an email marketing service such as Aweber. Costs $20 per month. Also try MailChimp.
Embed email signup forms in your blog and collect subscribers. Email subscribers whenever you publish something in your blog.
Promote your Facebook page through email marketing and in turn also get more email subscribers from your Facebook page.
Promote your blog via Adwords. Get started with very low CPC bids. Most new Adwords accounts get a free $100 credit for promotion. If you don’t get it, call Adwords support and they will give you free credits to get you started.
Sign up for Google Adsense and deploy advertising codes in your blog.
Convert your blog into a mobile friendly blog and create mobile ads in Adwords.
All the above steps can be done in 30 days by investing one hour per day. After you do all the steps above your would have gained a bit of hands-on experience in the following areas which pretty much sums up to the following major components of Digital Marketing:

Components of Digital Marketing

Content marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Search (PPC)
Email marketing
Social Media Marketing
Digital Display Marketing (Ad Ops)
Web Analytics and Reporting
Mobile Marketing
30 hours of experience does not make you an expert in Digital Marketing but you will be a much better qualified digital marketing professional than most of the people out there on the market. After this you can continue scaling up your mini-project and add even more things to it. For example, Google webmaster tools integration is something I have not mentioned in the above list but it is important for digital marketing. Your expertise will increase to the level you are ready to scale up your project.

Image Source:- DigitalVidya

Blog Source:- Digital Deepak

GST (Goods and Services Tax) – Complete Guide for Startups & SMEs

Goods and Services Tax aka GST is scheduled to be in effect from 1st July and will change the way we pay our taxes for sure. The system is a game changer in the Indian taxation system and the biggest tax reform taken in 70 years of Indian history.

Asia’s third-largest economy, after China and Japan, will witness a single taxation system for goods and services after waiting for as long as 10 years. GST rollout will dismantle inter-state barriers to trade in goods and services.

But how will this new tax system impact startups and small business? Will the startup ecosystem reap benefits out of Goods and Services Tax (GST)? Or will it adversely cause harm to the startups and small businesses?

This guide will drive you through the complete system of GST including how will it work, the impact on startups and SMEs and more.

So let’s begin!

What is GST?

Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensivemulti-stagedestination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. That simply means that business will have to pay taxes on value addition and not on the final value of goods and services.

To understand GST in details let us first discuss various definitions and concepts under this. Let us start with multi-stage.

When an item is available right next to your neighbourhood store or a supermarket for sale, it travels through a chain of stages before arriving at the retailers. The first stage is buying the raw materials followed by production or manufacturing.

If we had a pictorial representation of the various stages, it will look something like this. However, this is the elementary representation. There may be some other stages involved depending on the type of goods and services.

The items are then warehoused by the distributor or wholesaler. The retailer then buys the products from the wholesaler and finally sells it to the end consumer like us. The whole process completes the life cycle of a product – from raw materials to end consumer.

The Goods and Services Tax shall be levied on each of these stages. This makes GST a multi-stage taxation system. However, the taxes will be levied on value addition.

Let us discuss value addition before diving into how the taxes will be levied and what are the different categories and value of taxes for different goods and services.

Let us assume that a manufacturer purchases cotton worth ₹1000 to make shirts. Cotton here is the raw material. After manufacturing the shirt, the manufacturer adds a value of ₹1000. So the final value of the shirt is ₹2000.

The manufacturer then sells the shirt to a wholesaler or warehouse who then adds packaging & labels to the shirt and is responsible for the transportation and distribution of the shirt to various retailers.

The wholesaler adds some value say ₹1000 to the shirt (profit) making the final value of the shirt to ₹3000.

The retailer buys the shirt from the wholesaler at ₹3000 and then adds a value of ₹1000 (his profit) and finally sells the shirt to the end consumer at ₹4000.

GST will be applicable on all these value additions. If the rate of Goods and Services tax is 10 percent (for example) for all of them, the manufacturer will have to pay ₹100 (10 percent of his value addition of ₹1000), the wholesaler too will have to pay a tax of ₹100 (10 percent of his value addition of ₹1000) and retailer will pay ₹100 in this case.

Now let us talk about one more term – destination-based.

Since GST is a destination-based tax, the centre would not levy an excise duty and states would not levy VAT as it was during earlier taxation system. Then there was VAT at the point of sale.

GST will replace all these taxes with a single destination-based tax.

Assume that the shirt was manufactured and warehoused at Chennai and sold in Mumbai. Chennai being in Tamil Nadu will collect GST for manufacturing and warehousing, but lose revenue when the shirt moves out for sale in Mumbai. Maharashtra will collect GST for value addition by the retailer as the product is being sold in Maharashtra.

How Does GST Work?

India is the largest democracy in the world with 1.311 billion people living in the territory. Implementing a completely new tax regime in such a large economy is not easy.

The GST Council has devised a foolproof method of implementing this new tax regime by dividing it into three categories: CGST, SGST, and IGST.

CGST: where the revenue will be collected by the central government

SGST: where the revenue will be collected by the state governments for intra-state sales

IGST: where the revenue will be collected by the central government for inter-state sales

GST is a consumption based tax i.e the state where the goods or services are to be consumed will collect taxes and not the state where the goods are manufactured. We have already explained this above.

IGST is designed to ensure seamless flow of input tax credit from one state to another. One state has to deal only with the Centre government to settle the tax amounts and not with every other state, thus making the process easier.

For example –  A dealer in Punjab sold goods to the consumer in Punjab worth Rs. 1,00,000. The GST rate is 18% comprising of CGST rate of 9% and SGST rate of 9%, in such case the dealer collects Rs. 18000 and Rs. 9000 will go to the central government and Rs. 9000 will go to the Punjab government.

Now, if the dealer in Punjab had sold goods to a dealer in Uttar Pradesh worth Rs. 1,00,000. The GST rate is 18% comprising of CGST rate of 9% and SGST rate of 9%. In such case, the dealer has to charge Rs. 18,000 as IGST. This IGST will go to the Centre.

But how will the tax be adjusted between different states (interstate transactions)?

Suppose goods worth Rs. 1,00,000 are sold by manufacturer A in Punjab to Dealer B in Punjab. B resells them to a trader C in Gujarat for Rs. 1,75,000. Trader C finally sells to End User D in Gujarat for Rs. 3,00,000.

Suppose CGST= 9%, SGST=9%. Therefore, IGST=9+9=18%

Since A is selling this to B in Punjab itself, it is an intra-state sale and both CGST @9% and SGST@9% will apply.

B (Punjab) is selling to C (Gujarat). Since it is an interstate sale, IGST@18% will apply.

C (Gujarat) is selling to D also in Gujarat. Once again it is an intra-state sale and both CGST @9% and SGST@9% will apply.

Read the full content here: GST Guide for STARTUPS and SMEs

Simple Definition of SEO SMO SEM Digital Marketing for Beginners.

Digital marketing or SEO has emerged as a hot bed of activity. It is also offering lucrative career options for individuals with a creative and technical bent of mind. An average day in the life of a digital marketer revolves around working with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. Frequent changes made to search engine algorithms makes this field a challenging yet engaging career option.

In this article, i present some handpicked SEO, SMO and SME tips. I hope this prove to be beneficial for beginners who are just picking up ropes of the trade.

Below I have mentioned few useful ways of Optimizing your website

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

2. SMO – Social Media Optimization

3. SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEO – Search Engine OptimizationSEO.png

1.What is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to the collection of strategies, techniques & tactics used to increase the visitors to a website from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & etc.

2. What are the Various Methods of SEO?

There are 2 main methods of conducting SEO strategies:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

3. What is the difference between On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO?

On-Page optimization

Optimize your website into Search engine friendly or making changes on your website into meta title, meta keywords, site structure, H1 tags, H2 tags, site content, solving canonicalization problem, managing robots.txt etc.

Off Page optimization

Off page Seo means build quality backlinks from 3rd party websites to your site to increase your site visitors. It will also improve your organic SERP results.

4. Few Important On-page Factors mentioned for Your Reference?

What are the character Limitations of Title, Description & Heading tags?

  • Title: Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display.
  • Description: The meta description is a ~160 character snippet, you can explain short & script overview about your website.
  • Meta Keywords:Use keywords with high demand in the meta keyword section. Also, include a long tail keyword that best suits your webpage.
  • Heading Tags: We can provide one h1 tag, two H2 tags and more than three h3 tags for each landing page.

2. Canonical URL:

A canonical URL is a your preferred URL. URLs can have multiple variables and as such, to avoid issues like duplicate content, Google asks that the webmaster chooses one to use. Let us look at our homepage and see what variables are available:

3. Why Should Provide Alt Tag with images?

Alt text enables search engines to crawl your images easily. If Alt Text is not provided empty place will be calculated in such places.

4. What Types of Sitemaps Avail in Google?

A sitemap is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site and 2 types of sitemaps avail in Google like XML & XHTML

  • XML Sitemap: Xml sitemap is Google friendly
  • XHTML Sitemap is user friendly

You can download a suitable XML sitemap for your website from for free.

5. What is Robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file used to give instructions to the search engine crawlers about the caching and indexing of a webpage, domain, directory or a file of a website.

6. What is the Ideal Keyword Composition for a Landing Page?

Keyword density (SEO) is the percentage (%) of times a keyword or key phrase appears on a web page in comparison with the total number of words on the page.


Identify the most suitable keyword phrases related your webpage, and ensure that they are used at least 4 or 5 times in the content.

Note: Avoid keyword stuffing, instead maintain a steady consistency like 4 time in 300 words.

7. What are 301 & 302 Redirects?

301 redirect is permanent redirect to when a website is changed from its old page URL to a new one. A 302 redirect is temporary redirect to another page. It is done to inform the search engine to land in another page until the original page is restored.

8. What is the Ideal Website Loading Speed?

Check your site speed by copy+pasting the url in & Ideally the website loading should be less than 3 seconds. On the other hand you must take measures to make the loading speed less than 3 seconds Good.

9. Copy Checking :

Ensure your content is plaigarism free using any online copy checker like Duplicated content will be penalized by search engines, thus defeating your content’s purpose.

10. Bread-crumbs

You can reduce bounce rate by giving bread-crumbs at the top or at bottom of your page. Breadcrumbs makes it easy for audience to navigate to other related pages.

11 . How Many Internal links in a Post?

There is no hard and fast rule as to home internal links you can have. Strike a good balance of internal links by inserting at least 2 or 3 from a page to your other inner pages.

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Freelancer Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Consultant in Chennai

SEO and Social Media Expert in ChennaiBest Freelancer Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Marketing Consultant in Chennai for Your Small Medium & Large Business: Yours Truly

Only Quality SEO practices and Services will give your business better digital Experience,increased wide exposure, and many more customers to your business.

As a Digital Marketing & SEO consultant, I can evaluate your business and create a plan that will:

Educate you on the mechanics of SEO and what’s appropriate for your business

Take stock of your existing resources and develop a strategy that explains what you can do yourself, and what you should outsource

Create a customized strategy that I will train you how to implement (and brainstorm how to get and find a team to help you)

Develop a web presence that will bring business to you, letting you focus less on customer acquisition and more on customer care

Help you understand who you’re competing with and what it will take to knock them off the top spots

Are You Ready for SEO Help? What to Expect from SEO Training

When we work together we’ll go over your resources, your goals, and what it’ll take to climb the Google Mountain.

Then, with either an intensive VIP day, or a short consulting program designed to rapidly overhaul your website, we’ll find the best fit for implementing SEO for your business.My goal is to empower you by putting together the strategy, and training you how to implement it—saving you big time on budget and time.

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Google revamps AdSense: More transparent rules for publishers

Google has announced two updates to its AdSense network for publishers that aims to increase transparency and ensures minimum disruption.

In a blog post published on Monday, Google said it updated the technology behind AdSense so that ads can be pulled from individual web pages instead of a publisher’s entire website.


It is also gearing up to roll out a new platform dubbed “Policy Center” that will help website publishers better understand Google’s policies and rules governing AdSense.

The company said one of publishers’ top requests is for more transparency in how it responds to violations.

The first of the two updates is the ability to remove ads from content that violates Google’s policies at the page level.

This includes adult content, content that is derogatory or dangerous, and content that romotes drug use.

“Historically, for most policy violations, we remove all ads from a publisher’s site. As we roll out page-level policy action as the new default for content violations, we’ll be able to stop showing ads on select pages, while leaving ads up on the rest of a site’s good content,” Scott Spencer, director, sustainable ads at Google, said in a post.

This will cause fewer disruptions for publishers but if publishers continue to violate the terms, Google will still terminate their accounts with AdSense.

In 2016, Google removed more than 100,000 publishers from its AdSense program and claims it reviews thousands of sites for violations each day.

Alongside the increase in policing, Google has also launched a policy center for publishers that use AdSense.

The upcoming Policy Center will serve as a “one-stop shop for everything a publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect their sites and pages.”
The company has been testing Policy Center with thousands of AdSense publishers.

Scott Spencer added: “In just a few weeks, all AdSense publishers will have more transparency about why policy actions were taken and the violations found, including page-level action data, so they can quickly resolve these issues across all their sites and pages using step-by-step instructions. The Policy Center also makes it easy for publishers to tell us when policy issues have been resolved and their pages are ready for review.”

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10 Business Opportunities in Chennai with less investment

Do you lives in chennai? Are you looking to do business in chennai? Struggling to start…. No worries….

Here I have shared 10 Successful business Opportunities to do in chennai with less investment.

Everyone wants to start a business of his own. The most common barrier is fear of unknown related to the business ideas. The initial capital, growth rate and return on investment details for each business are not usually available through all sources. This article talks about the top business ideas in Chennai.

Home based classes

Investment – 10,000 to 20,000

ROI- 6 months to 9 months

Do you have a skill that you can impart to others? May it be academic knowledge or extra-curricular activities; you can make money out of it. If you are planning on creating a formal ambience, you might need to buy some desks and chairs. Blackboard becomes an important asset. You can use a room in your house or you can rent a small area for less than 10,000 rupees a month. The speed of growth depends on the number of students. Even if you are able to recruit three to five students, you can break even within 6 months.
Recruitment firm

Investment – 50,000 to 80,000

ROI- 1 to 3 years

The human resource market is always in demand. If you can have a flair for recruiting, you can start a recruitment firm. You need to get in touch with a few firms to get details about their requirement. You need to spend on infrastructure, internet, phone lines and other equipment like computer, printer and so on. The main function of your business is to interview candidates and send shortlisted candidates to companies. If selected, you can gain commission from both the candidate and also from the companies.

Real estate consultant

Investment – less than 10,000

ROI – 2 years

best business opportunities in chennaiImage Credit: Wikipedia
The demand for real estate properties is very high in Chennai. You need not spend a lot on infrastructure. You would need internet connection, computer and a strong contact list. You should be aware of the real estate builders around the city and advertisement is must for business growth. You can earn one to two percent as your fee. Since the initial investment is very less, you can break even easily, but getting hold of clients would be tiring in the initial stage.

Mobile food centre

Investment – 50,000 to 1, 00,000

ROI- 6 months – 18 months

Do you want to venture into catering related business opportunities in Chennai? If you choose high end business plan, you would need about 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs to buy a franchise, a commercial area for rent and other assets. Instead, if you want to attract local crowd, you can start a mobile food court. The rent of food court vehicle can vary from 20,000 to 50,000 depending on your requirement. The utensils, human resource and other assets would cost about 30,000 rupees. The operational working capital can go as high as 5,000 per day and if you are able to hold a niche and get some regular customers, you can break even within a few months.

Ice cream parlour

Investment – 50,000 to one lakh

ROI – 2-3 years

Ice cream parlours are always in business in Chennai. If you are ready to spend some money on the infrastructure, you can attract a niche of customers. The product is a fast moving one and you can always be in business if you are able to attract a niche by location. Choose a location where a lot of children would visit like schools, parks and so on. If you want to take up a franchise, it would cost around 7 lakh to 10 lakh

Beauty salon or spa

Investment – 3 lakh to 5 lakh

ROI – 1 – 2 years

If you are ready to spend considerable amount in equipment, human resource and location, you can start a spa without any basic hands-on experience in spa techniques! The business opportunities would be high if you are ready to spend on advertisement. Hire qualified human resources and buy equipment through loan. You can attract high level customers if you are able to create a pleasing ambiance. Discounts, offers, banners and other promotional offers would help you to gain more customers. If you are ready to spend about 30 to 60 lakhs, you can invest in international franchises which would increase your growth rate and ROI would be between 50 and 60 percentage per year.

Xerox, print-out and internet

Investment – 20,000 to 35,000

ROI-3 months to 6 months

Not all would have a printer at home. Thus, you can earn a considerable income by starting up a store where you provide photocopies, print outs, scanning, internet and other related services. You would not a need a large commercial place and thus, you might have to spend 5,000 to 7,000 rupees as rent for space. If you are not providing internet service, you would need just one computer. You would need about 3-4 computers, internet connection, printer, scanner and other hardware items. You may need to hire someone who has basic knowledge in taking photocopies. Make sure to choose a location near any college or school to increase the business growth.

Fashion jewellery making

Investment – 5,000 to 15,000

ROI- 6 to 12 months

If you are creative and skilled in making fashion jewels, you can start your own business with a small seed money. The success of your business depends upon your skill in attracting customers. If you could find a considerable number of regular customers, you can easily break even and get a good turnover. Remember that fashion changes every now and then. You need to stick up to the latest trend to keep your business going. If you are planning to learn the skill before starting your business, there are a lot of centers . that would teach you for a small fee.

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